The history

TESMAPRI begins its activity in Prato in 1980 taking care of the commercialization and valorization of the used clothes and shoes; the founding associates from 1975 had already begun the collaboration with the various Caritas Diocesans in Italy for the collection of the used clothes and shoes; the collection initially came carried out through bags in polyethylene of yellow color distributed to the families, modality however still.

From 1995 first company in Italy, always in collaboration with Caritas, begins a new system of collection through the positioning in the territory of boxes of yellow colour that allow the collection of that in a continuous way; currently the number of boxes placed nearly exclusively in North of Italy has exceeded 6.000 pieces; with these values TESMAPRI places itself as company leader in Italy and Europe with beyond 30.000 Tons annually collected.

In the first of year 2007 TESMAPRI places to an important and meaningful step in ahead along a still more wide process than increase, the transformation in Joint-stock company.

In the 2017 the Company decides an important logistic rearrangement buying the warehouse in Premariacco (UD).

Together with others main companies of the sector, they have all built the national consortium in the 2008, engaged into the regulation of second-hand clothes and accessories recycling CO.N.A.U. (