The collection

Reassuming the main aspects of the collection and its purposes:

Object of the collection

The used clothes ones must be prepared in bags, small and sluices, and inserted into the boxes. Dresses, sweaters, linen, nails head, blankets, belts, leather, toys and shoes in good state are collected. All it must rigorously be inserted in small bags and sluices. It isn’t collected any woven soil and greased, paper, diapers, metals, plastic, glass, rags, refusals and refuse you weave them.

Occupation and Social insertion

The emptying service is carried out from the Social Cooperatives, who have also the aim of job-insertion of people in uneasiness situation and social disadvantage.

Safeguard Ambient

Thanks to this differentiated collection, a great amount of refusals has got out to the rubbish dump transforming them therefore in resources; moreover it contributes to the cost reduction of the collection of the city solid refusals.

Social Contribution

Based on the quality and amount of the collected material, it comes recognized a contribution to the Caritas, who are engaged to assign it to the own plans of solidarity.

Final steps of the collection

The clothes ones in good state are sold in the markets of the used one, those more usable ones are sent to the recycling for the production of new woven.